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Software Development

With the expertise we gathered over decades of work in IT we can help you from the starting line towards building a successful product.
We design, develop, deliver the product you dreamt of.

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We believe

in value

Our definition of a successful product is different. We want to help you building a product that matters and brings business value to your company. Together we set up meaningful metrics to measure success. Probably neither of us have the holy grail. We will use the collected metrics to drive decisions of the product to generate more value for your business.

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Software development

We think the success of a product depends on the people building it. Our talented team is here to help you achieve the target you've set. Your goal is our goal.


We are experts in Java, Cloud and the related technologies. Performance problems? Poorly maintainable codebase? Non-stop bugs? We've seen all of these and much more.

Infrastructure cost optimization

With the expansion of cloud, we're running more and more infrastructure. Do you feel you're overspending? We've worked with clients to decrease their costs of running their apps.

Cloud migration

Still running applications with on-premise servers but considering a cloud migration? Let us help to choose the most convenient provider and support the migration.

Helping Agile teams

We've seen a lot over the past decade and worked really hard to optimize agile teams. We tailor the improvement plan to the environment and drive change through metrics.


Learning is key. We are committed to teach the new generation of engineers. We do both online and offline trainings in various technological or agile topics.

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